“Anger walks into a bar and I’m halfway in love. There’s no joke here. I leave my beer sweating on the counter and ask them to dance. Anger comes home with me, looks too long at my gentle knuckles and cries. They say sorry, I say ‘Let’s just sleep together’. I bite Anger’s lip bloody because I can’t control myself. Because I just really, really need this. Anger asks to go slow, asks me to be gentle. Anger melts in my hands like a warmth I never wanted, falling onto the pillow beside me and laughing. Anger falls asleep with their head on my chest, solid and heavy and too familiar, while the silence inside me starts to growl like the starving thing it is. I thought I had something to feed it; something to let it tear itself to shreds with, but it turns out I’m the only pair of sharp teeth in the room. Turns out Anger only wanted a place to sleep.”

Caitlyn Siehl, One Night Stand

I no longer want it all, just some comfort and some sex and only a minor love.